Museum Directors

President: Dr. Bobby Sparks

Dr. Bobby Sparks has been an author, pastor, and lecturer for 40 years. He received his Doctor of Theology Diploma from Texas Baptist Institute in Henderson, Texas. He travels extensively throughout the United States and foreign countries, lecturing on the Old Testament Tabernacle, the Law of Moses, and Israel. He has published a series study on the Old Testament Tabernacle with books and videos. His publications include The Priesthood of Israel, Jewish Holidays for Churches, and Which Day Did Christ Die? He has written articles, studies, and other books which have been published in various publications and periodicals. His book on the Old Testament Tabernacle is being translated in Hebrew to be circulated among the Messianic Congregations in Israel. He has further done consulting work with other museums having to do with the Old Testament Tabernacle. In addition, he served as Recording Clerk for the Missionary Baptist Association of Texas for 20 years and currently is the Assistant Moderator.