The Bible History Museum is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization seeking to establish itself in Branson, Missouri. The Bible History Museum is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in the state of Texas. Branson is in the central part of the United States and is in the middle of the Bible Belt of the United States with a large concentration of Christian churches. Branson is well established with family oriented and Christian based venues.

We are seeking funding for initial start-up expenses which include design and blueprints and securing property. Once property and design are secured, we will seek funding to complete the project. Once established, regular revenue will be adequate to maintain cost of operation with a reasonable return on investment for future expansion.

The four founding board members are uniquely qualified to bring this project to fruition. Dr. Bobby Sparks is a scholar of the Old Testament Law and the study of the Tabernacle and Temple with 40 years experience. He is currently a consultant with a Tabernacle Museum in Tarpon Springs, Florida recently completed. Mr. Jack Story is retired from Sears, having been a District Manager in central Indiana. He brings to the table his experience and skills in business management. Mr. Vernon McNully has experience operating businesses and working with non-profit and government agencies. His expertise brings to the table fund raising skills.

We have already formed several strategic alliances with various churches and seminaries that will help make the Bible History Museum a success. Part of our success will be gleaned from the success of other businesses of like venue. We have collaborated with other like ventures, implement our own creative ideas, and utilize the uniqueness of Branson, and its outstanding sense of marketing. We have a broad network of archeologists who will have items on display. In addition, we are building relationships with the Israeli Museum and other tourism groups in Israel.

When you enter the Bible History Museum, you enter a time capsule that takes you back 3,500 years. You will meet and interact with the characters you have read about in the Bible. You’ll personally hear from Abraham, Moses, and Aaron the High Priest. Passing Mount Sinai, you’ll camp next to the Tabernacle in Shiloh. You make your offering at the altar of sacrifice. You will stroll through hundreds of years of Bible history, gaze upon Mount Calvary, and step into the empty tomb of Jesus. Your experience can culminate in a Kosher dining experience next to the waterfall of Ein Gedi. all the while gazing across the room upon the Dead Sea and Mount Nebo in the background. Literally, you will see, feel, hear, smell and taste Israel. Opportunity will be provided to shop at the Bethlehem Store for the Jewish culture in educational souvenirs, artifacts, replicas and reference material. You may not be able to go to Israel, but Israel can come to you. And in the event, you want to go to Israel, we will have a travel agent on sight to plan regular tours.

In the off season, we will be hosting special events for the Christian and Jewish Holidays. There will be fun days for the children with arts and crafts and learning days for the adults with Passover meals. The ideas and variety are without limit. In the Spring, the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread will appeal to our guests. We will host Passover. In the Fall, we will set up outdoor tents and have arts and crafts for the festival of Tabernacles. Our attractions will be limitless subject only to our imagination.

An open air, under roof, archeological dig site will be on the premises. This dig site will be available to the colleges and universities for their students to receive college credit to learn archeology. Visitors to the museum will be able to participate in a dig. Replica artifacts will be buried only to be discovered.

Our core market for the Museum starts with Christians, churches and seminaries, and broadens to the Universities and Colleges, historians, archeologists, Messianic and secular Jews and tourists in general.

There is no organization in Branson, or the central United States that currently provides the experience and interactive participation in Bible history as will the Bible History Museum. If you can’t go to Israel, then let Israel come to you.

Once established, the Bible History Museum will be self sustaining. Revenue will come from ticket sales, restaurant profits, and gift shop sales. An area in the museum will be designated for traveling exhibits and can be used to host conferences and meetings.

Archeological artifacts from Israel.

Archeological dig site to teach the fundamentals of archeological digging.

Full scale replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle with interaction.

Exhibits of everyday ancient Jewish life.

Full scale replica of the burial tomb of Jesus, with mural of Mount Calvary.

Area reserved for old Bible and manuscript displays, as well as other traveling museums.

Area reserved for hosting conferences and small assemblies.

Gift shop selling original antiquities.

Gift shop selling traditional Israeli gifts and souvenirs.

Restaurant with waterfall patterned after Ein Gedi, a mural of the Dead Sea and Mount Nebo.

Celebration of the Jewish festivals and holidays.